Crew Allocation

An interesting experience I had been eagerly and nervously awaiting for some time. After all, it is the day I would meet the strangers who I would spend the best part of a year of my life with! These people will see me at my best and my worst not to mention hear me use the toilet, etc. I hope after all that we will still leave as friends!

First big news from the briefing was that London has been announced as the race start/finish city. I am really pleased. Not only do I get to abuse the hospitality of my parents during preparation week but there is something special about sailing off round the world from the city you were born in.

Then the big announcement. The skippers come on stage and read out the names. Mine came up quite early and I am slightly gutted that I missed the opportunity to shout something like “YESSS!” or “GET IN!” or “LET’S GO TEAM DANIEL!” or similar. It didn’t take quite as long as I expected to read out the hundreds of names, but this might be because I was busy texting after this.

So there we have it. Team Daniel. Since CV29 is our vessel (which is already branded – ssh) and given the large Irish contingent on our boat, we have jumped to (unofficial) conclusions about the sponsor! After the announcement the next few hours are spent in a room rushing through loads of things which will require a lot more discussion, before heading outside to get the big red photo taken and moving on to the pub where we could get to know each other better. 15 16 crew

2015/2016 Clipper team – Where’s Ellie? I am hard to spot, I have a tiny head!

Overall it was a tiring day – probably because I was nervous about making a good impression. Some advice I was given (toward the end of the day I will note!) is – races aren’t won or lost at crew allocation – just learn people’s names (fail, sorry, but I will get there!) and don’t make a tit of yourself (Hmm :-/) On that note here is how I suspect I came across during our team meeting:

i volunteer

It’s ok Ellie you can take the notes!


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