Team Building (20th/21st June 2015)

For those who do not yet know, I am privileged to be part of the Derry-Londonderry family. Aptly we decided to go team-building in Northern Ireland and we received a fantastic welcome spending the weekend in our home port.

My highlights of the weekend:

  • Breakfast with the mayor. Aside from the fact I was captured on film stuffing a sausage into my mouth, it was lovely start to the day in the beautiful Guildhall.
  • The thigh clenching baton passing team game – “On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is fine and 10 is completely inappropriate, I would say this is pretty high.” Good if for some reason I don’t have free hands and need to pass a spanner round the boat :-/

Derry Londonderry getting a soakingYou can’t build a sailing team without getting wet! Note how beautiful and sunny the weather is. I hear it is always like this in Derry! @Creggan Country Park

  • Eating a month’s ration of bread in 1 day. We did make it ourselves tutored by Emmett McCourt. He has a book out
  • Keelin dancing with the hen party in Ramada Da Vinci hotel
  • Tour of Derry. A very moving story. I would recommend it when you come to the city next year to see us in. We went with Martin McCrossan City Tours.
  • Finding out about my team – 1 of them used to wear lederhosen as his childhood playsuit. You’ll have to guess who!
  • Thanks to Stormhoek for the wine!

We stayed at St Columb’s Park House.

Massive thanks to our team Social Secretary Jo for organising everything. It was a very memorable weekend and I cannot wait to see everyone soon. x


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