Just back from a busy fortnight in Gosport (Level 4 training followed by prep. week)

As some of you know I will have been assigned to the engineer role aboard D-L-D (be afraid!). Some post prep week reflection on this… Seems the role is all about the fluids. This past week’s list of things that I have had on me and/or my clothes included – sea water, engine oil, diesel and poo (guess that is not a fluid, usually).

Prep. week for me was spent mostly in my Gollum’s cave that is the engine room servicing the engine and generator. I also lubricated the heads (no more squeak!), labelled pipework and through hull fittings and made an inventory of tools (few and rusty) and spares. We also pickled the water maker.

I was very kindly and ably assisted in this task by Tony. We also needed Dan’s vice like grip at times to undo various caps, but after he tried his best to break the generator I am more wary of his help now 😉

I also had the engineer training, which was 1.5 hours with J from the Clipper maintenance team quickly running through the main systems, what to service and some things that go wrong. It was a lot of information to tale in so I am very glad that I recently did the diesel engine course at Alvechurch marina so it was all quite fresh in my mind.


The engine. I have been calling her Betty in my mind, but might change the name to Precious. 


Servicing the heads. My new and very glamorous life


It’s ok guys – I know what I’m doing, I have a certificate! (From RCR course at Alvechurch marina) I should add that we are lucky to have a lot of very competent and qualified engineers on board D-L-D plus a few people who are very enthusiastic to give it a go so they will also be getting stuck in during the race. 


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