Life in the Fishbowl (St Katherine’s Docks)

After a week of boat prep. and a few days at sea, arriving into St Katherine’s Docks was strange. Strangers watch your every move, take photos of you having breakfast, cleaning winch parts, doing nothing! Dad warned me not to pick my nose on deck (duly noted). Part of the week included boat tours. As predicted, most people are interested to see the heads but also in how much water we carry on board.

The facilities at St Kats are quite good, although you need a key to get into the loos and showers and between us we have only a few and most of the time we can’t find them, especially after one got dropped in the ogin on the first evening! We are currently in a closed lock so the heads on board are out of action so people can do stand up paddle boarding.

Other activities this week have included the Mission Performance coaching day. It was good although our group exercise ended with us arguing and hurling juggling balls at each other whilst the other teams cohesively bonded. We need to go sailing.

Crew party was quite memorable. Photobombed a picture with Sir Robin and ate my weight in mini burgers (and was still hungry afterwards).


This definitely counts as meeting Sir Robin! (photo by Clodagh)

In addition to sailing around the world, this year I will also be trying new things after I pointed out to a fellow crew mate the many things I have never done. The list currently includes:

  1. Leg wax
  2. Caving
  3. Banana boat ride
  4. Milking a real cow

More will be added as I think of them. We were able to tick off number 1 in St Katherine’s. Ruth took me for my first wax experience. Waxing was not as painful as I imagined, but wearing the gauze thong was an unwelcome surprise.

One nice surprise highlight of the week was that Paul treated me to a fancy hotel for a few nights with a shower that blasts you in the bits.

Thanks to everyone who came down to visit us in London, it really meant a lot and I hope you enjoyed it x x x


Mibster gets the grand tour (photo by Nicola)


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