Rio Stopover Observations

Apologies for the delay. Here are some brief reflections from the Rio stopover…

1) Marina da Gloria is currently a building site with no Wifi and 2 showers but it does have a tree full of tiny monkeys (although Guilherme warned me they might nick my phone).

2) Tampons and shower gel are specialist items in Brazil

3) My yachty botty looks even worse than it feels. Have put more Sudocrem on.

4) People do actually get mugged in the park by the marina. Except Dan. He went for a 4am walk shining his headtorch into the trees. A mugger approached him, Dan threw some Scottish money and his Clipper phone at him, the mugger (perhaps unsurprisingly) wanted neither of these and demanded more money, Dan threatened him with a leatherman and the mugger ran away.

5) LMAX and lately Qingdao have spent a lot of time on their own private beach. They will be starting the race late.

6) The crew party was good. There was plenty of free food and beer. The tribute from iChorcoal to Andy was very moving

7) I am becoming far too relaxed and comfortable in Brazil. Not feeling in racing mode for 3 days time. I wonder if anyone else is. I guess the new joiners. Also on the downside my back is hurting. I woke up in so much pain this morning. It didn’t really hurt at sea.

A massive thankyou to Ana Paula and Guilherme for making me feel at home during my stay in Rio. After weeks at sea it was just what I needed x


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