You find the Fun and Snap, the Job’s a Game! Leg 4, Race 6 – Hobart to Airlie Beach

3rd Jan 2016 – A busy start

Quick one today because we just did a sail change which extended our watch. We had a good start to the race (1st past the mark), but somehow our upwind performance isn’t great and at the moment we are in 6th. Hopefully our choice of route pays off and we get some scoring gate points.

Trying to think of nice things whilst sitting on the rail like wedding plans but thoughts keep getting interrupted by memories of a disturbing episode of Game of Thrones I watched before we left.

4th Jan 2016 – In every job that must be done…

We have a scoring gate point. However I think this could have come at a massive cost since we are now lying 11th and seemingly not catching up fast. This combined with a dwindling supply of chocolate and biscuits is a source of great stress for me.

Rob is trying to instill in us a Mary Poppins attitude to our onboard tasks by repeatedly saying “in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun, you find the fun and SNAP, the job’s a game!” This was not well received by Jan and Sally as they cleaned the bilges. I wish, like the film, I could snap my fingers and the bilges emptied and the heads scrubbed themselves clean. Or, like in Disney films, some albagulls would fly in and do my chores for me.


5th Jan 2016 – Wet pants, again.

Sometimes I hate the sea. To get to my bunk you currently have to run past a sporadically flowing torrent of water from the deck which works its way over the storm board and past the curtain. As such I have wet pants again 😡 No point in changing though as new pants would get wet too.

We are still at the back but sailing fast so at least some of the pain is worth it. Scheding has been a pain because a lot of the boats have the wrong time in their position reports so there is some initial jubilation, followed by disappointment as we realise the information is out of date.

6th Jan 2016 – A zephyr of wind

Had some good wind yesterday putting us in 1st place. But now the wind has died and I have just seen the windseeker making its way  up. Fingers crossed the other boats have the same.

Was a busy watch. Started off with a mini flood in the engine room from a loose watermaker pipe. We then changed headsails twice. Also thought we saw a waterspout, it was more likely a long, strange cloud.

7th Jan 2016 – Things that go bump in the night, part II

Last night is one I would rather forget. We broached and managed to rip the code 2 spinnaker. There was shouting and the boom was banging into the water and there was wind and rain and I fell and banged my knee on the jammers. All in all pretty scary stuff.

We were all quite nervous about flying the Code 1 today, but it was ok this morning. We are back to the heat, sweating like we are in a sauna when we’re down below and burning in the sun on deck.

In race news it looks like Mission will beat us in the ocean sprint because they avoided the windhole after their diversion to help another boat. Gutted! We are still in 1st place. Hopefully we won’t f*ck it up!

8th Jan 2016 – Fryday makes everything ok

Hot and sunny weather with decent spinnaker flying plus “fry-day” means high spirits on board. Would be better if we were still ahead but, hey ho, at least we are in the lead pack.

In bad news I can’t get the skanky mould taste off my water bottle.

9th Jan 2016 – My internal playlist

Not far to go now and still a lot to lose (note the cynic in me not acknowledging the potential to gain). Weather is swelteringly hot and I am burnt despite multiple applications of sun cream. Sea has been some beautiful shades of blue and turquoise. Looks like it would be full of nice dive sites.

As a treat I thought I would share with you my playlist of songs I sing when it is too windy to talk, etc. Not sure of the official names of many, but hopefully you can guess. I did not particularly choose anything to sing, it just seems to be my mind’s default. I am not sure what that says about me

  1. Songs from musicals – includes classics from Sound of Music (obviously), Mary Poppins, Oliver, Joseph, Les Miserables, Wicked.  
  2. Campfire/coach trip classics – includes She sat on a hammock, Oh you’ll never go to heaven in a baked bean tin, Doe a Beer, the quartermaster’s stores, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Mercedes Benz
  3. Folky Classics – Includes All around my hat, Meet on the ledge, Saucy Sailor, Matty Groves
  4. Our boat song – Wake me Up

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