Ellie Fearon – Circumnavigator!

Sat 30th Jul

And with that I am a circumnavigator! Really can’t believe I have done it.

We are motoring into London as I write, having won the Den Helder to London race (by 29 secs!) and secured 2nd place in the race overall. A great end to a mad year.

Didn’t write during the past few days because we adopted a rather intense strategy of on watch, then off watch standby, then moving beds each time we tacked (which was a lot!) But it paid off having climbed back from last place when we thought we’d missed the mark and had to go back round.

Generator decided to see me off in true generator fashion by throwing some of its impeller blades into the heat exchanger. Now fixed so all is well. Obviously wore my standard uniform of hot pants and gaffa tape to fix it.

So glad to be home. Cannot wait to not have to sail off again. Work wise things are uncertain, but I am feeling positive.

Hope you enjoyed my blog. If I get round to it I will add some more photos and also some more sections such as a kit review, more about the stopovers and a highlights section, but for now…

thats all folks.gif

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