Leg 8 – Round the UK

Mon 18th Jul – Profound Reflections

Not much typing today as it is dark (typical Scottish weather!) and I’m tired partly because our shift was extended changing a spinnaker.

We got roast dinner for lunch yesterday. Amazing. I need to learn how to cook meat (sorry mum!) So many people waved us off in Derry my face hurt from smiling.

I have been thinking that post-race I will feel like Sarah from Labyrinth when she’s back in her room and lonely. No one on this boat has seen or can remember Labyrinth so my poignant reflections are not appreciated (post race update – Labyrinth is now on Netflix guys, so you should watch it! The final scene is linked below from YouTube, but it is really better to watch the whole thing for context)

Tues 19th Jul – Pentland Firth

Finally passed out of the Peatland Firth. Frustrating because of low wind and tide against us, but not the terrifying beast it could have been. There were a lot of markings Dan had added to the chart like “dangerous” and “violent”. He said he had removed the preceding “extremely” so no one would get scared. :-/ Had a snoop round the Scapa Flow bit of the chart – adding to my diving to do list.

Mother duty today (last one). Cremating some enchiladas and coleslaw for lunch, then beef stew for dinner. Think my cherries have gone off, but I plan to eat them anyway. We have also still got fruit in “The Orchard”. This is the new name for the forward bunk area where all the apples are stored.

Looking forward to getting home to

  1. Paul
  2. Cooking my own food
  3. Not having to go sailing in horrible weather
  4. Netflix
  5. Own bed
  6. My clothes
  7. Casual drinks, etc with friends
  8. Kitty
  9. Going back to work (suspect that’s like the end of summer wish to go back to school, which you instantly want to retract 1 week in!)

I have broken another head torch. This one was supposed to be waterproof.

Ooo – forgot to mention the Butt of Lewis (snicker). The visibility had cleared as we went round so I went up to have a look, would be rude not to. It was rocky btw. Gave me a break from marking oil rigs on Nobeltec.

Weds 20th Jul – Tacking across the North Sea

We are currently in the north sea battling with most of the fleet for position. Next step, the Netherlands! Have been tacking a lot, which makes sleeping challenging due to the number of bunk adjustments.

Happy this is the last but one Scopodirm patch I have to wear, they really make me itch!

Ruth and I watched TED talks during mother duty yesterday so we are now well educated. I enjoyed the talk by the founder of Air BnB, definitely the fantasy to come up with an idea like that (and actually execute it!)

Thurs 21st Jul – Oil Rig dodging

Was rudely awoken last night by the spinnaker tearing itself apart and going for a swim in the sea followed by shouts from Dan for everyone on deck (possibly the first time this has been called all year!) Anyway it is in the bag and will stay there until Den Helder. It got its wicked way.

We are now in oil rig territory. Platforms of all shapes and sizes are dotted across the north sea.

It is warmer and there are just over 100 miles to go. Unfortunately we are in 4th place. I hope we can at least squeeze 3rd. Fingers crossed for some wind in our favour.

Wondered today, whilst sitting on the loo, if I need to be more spontaneous and relaxed and less cautious about things.


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