About Me

My name is Ellie, I am 32 years young and, having never sailed before, I decided it would be a good idea to take a year off from my regular employment and sail around the world. Why not. This blog is to record my experience as a Clipper Round The World Race crew member on the 2015/2016 race.

Back home (in Gloucestershire) by day I am a Field Test Coordinator for an engineering company (I make graphs, send emails and try to make people send me data). By night I like to use a different name, put on rollerskates and hit my friends.

I am mainly writing this blog for:

  • Me! So I have some good stories to read to my cats when I am a crazy old lady
  • My friends and family
  • Anyone preparing for their own Clipper adventure in future. I loved reading other people’s blogs and found it very helpful so I hope to spread the goodwill and do the same for someone else x

Follow me on Twitter @ellie_fearon

Clipper Photo


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Such a great blog Ellie, sounds like your having a roller coaster of a ride but hey, I’m sure you’ll be all the better for it and able to pass on some words of wisdom when us newbie’s join the boat, amazing sailing so far, keep it up!


  2. Hi Ellie, Back in Stonehouse the entire PoweDrive ICE team have been watching the race keeping an eye on you and your blog. Not too bad so far, time to climb the last few steps to the top of the leader board. We all enjoy reading your blogs, keep them coming. As I write this you are in Northern Australia. Paul said he enjoyed his trip to Sydney, Congratulations are in order 🙂
    Stay safe, currently only a couple of points behind Garmin, try and beat that LMAX boat, they must have a secret motor or extra sail somewhere.
    Best wishes, Steve Louks and the PD ICE team.


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