Pre-Clipper – My exercise involved around 5-6 hours of week of roller derby. I skated with the magnificent force that is Severn Roller Torrent. I have learned a tremendous amount from roller derby. I think the sort of lessons you could learn from any team sport – it has just taken me 30 years to find a sport that suits me. Two main lessons for me that I take into the race are:

  • If you put real, focused time into something it does pay off
  • I have learnt to harness my inner chimp a lot better (read The Chimp Paradox by Steve Peters)

However in January 2015 I tearfully hung up my roller-skates to try and avoid any serious lower leg injuries before the race but continued to support the team either from the bench or shouting from the crowd whenever I could. I will miss these amazing women whilst I am away and will be cheering you on from across the miles.



Approx. 1 year before race start – I joined a gym (bleugh!) – I took this step after watching a video of the inspirational ladies from Team SCA doing their pre-Volvo ocean race training. I will continue to dream of being as strong and fit as them!

My week in the 8 months leading up to Clipper my week tended to involve the following (although, being human, I did have some days off! Usually from running. I hate running!):

  • Monday – Swimming. Yoga
  • Tuesday – Swimming. Yogalates
  • Wednesday – 40 min Run
  • Thursday – Spin
  • Friday – 40 min Run
  • Saturday – Body pump (when I have a free weekend!)
  • Sunday – Spin (as above!)

I also work with some very odd people who do triathlons for fun and, against my better judgement given I can just about swim, I cycle like I am on a bicycle with a basket and apparently I run like I have tiny tiny legs, I signed up. Given the previous points, I tend to come right at the back of the pack. My close friends and family may not believe me, but this actually didn’t bother me, I genuinely just enjoyed the exercise itself and the challenge (and the fact that you get a medal and a random goodie bag afterwards – tin of salmon anyone?!)

Ellie Triathlon 2

Finishing my first triathlon

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